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Matrix systems or MLM networks are one of the easiest ways to earn handsome many with little investments and efforts. The good thing about matrix system is that the members of the network you joined help you and you help them to grow and earn. There are quite of few good matrix systems, but most of them are built on the system where admin of the site holds members money and release it on a certain day. This could be on weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even on a threshold basis. These kinds of setups often create doubts in members minds, rightly so, because you don’t know at what point the admin may close the project and run-away with members money.

Luckily, there are a few good matrix systems that are built on peer-to-peer donations system, means member will pay other members to upgrade and grow. BTCInvestments.co.za is also built on the same system. Its a 2X5 forced matrix system, where members donate senior members to upgrade.

As I mentioned above the BTCInvestments also requires a one time tiny investment of just 0.002 btc, which is equal to less then US$ 5 in today’s price of US$ 2200 per bitcoin. The potential of earning with this little investment is quite huge i.e. if you achieve all 5 levels successfully you will be earning over 16 bitcoins, which in today’s price are over US$ 35,000. Following video will explain how BTCInvestments system works: –


Join BTCInvestments

How to signup and upgrade to the 1st level?

When you click on “Join Now” button you are presented a simple signup form fill that out with correct information.

Once you signed-up and logged-in you will see the notification to upgrade within 12 hrs, if you don’t upgrade within 12 hrs by paying 0.002 btc to your up-line, your account will be deleted. It may seem awkward to some people, but it is a good feature to clean up the junk from the site. Means, if a person isn’t willing to pay just 5 bucks to join this system then s/he should not be part of the community too. This off-loads non-serious people from site.

The next thing you wanna do is to add bitcoin wallet in which you will be receiving donations from your down-line members. After that you need to click on “upgrade to next stage” button.

Now you will be presented a bitcoin wallet address of your up-line member and the amount you need to pay i.e. 0.002. If you don’t have bitcoins in your wallet, you can search localbitcoins.com to find reliable bitcoin exchanger near your place.

Once you pay the amount through your bitcoin wallet, you will see the transaction that you’ve made in your blockchain or coinbase account’s transaction history as pending payments. Wait for at least one confirmation for that payment which you’ve just made. Once you get confirmation, click on it and you will be directed to the confirmation site.

At confirmation site you will see the traction ID also called hash ID, copy that and go back to your dashboard of BTCInvestments.

Paste that transaction ID in the given tab and click submit.

Once you do that the system will ask you to wait 30 to 60 minutes for the confirmation of the transaction and to activate your account.

Once your is activated successfully, its time to grab your affiliate link and start bringing in more and more people to this amazing earning opportunity.

So, don’t wait and Join Today!